$1 per pixel (minimum 10*10)

Contact: ThePermanentPlace@gmail.com

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Available: 1,000,000


About me


Hi Everyone,

My name is Yunus. I am from Mumbai, India. A philosopher, poet and a man of ideas that could potentially bring a positive change in the world.


Why this website


I want to sell the space (pixels) on this website to buy a Permanent Place (a dream home) for my family. I also, want to start a business of selling domain names and real estate properties across the globe on my other website PermanentPlace.com.




$1 per pixel. A minimum of 100 pixels (10*10 box) can be bought.




It's a copy of pixel selling websites already created by some people on the internet (Alex was the first one, I guess). The only difference is that, you may get a chance every year to secure your Permanent Place (pixel space) for that year. Will try my best to keep this website running for longer period, however, will ensure at least 5 years (since 2019) period is completed with relevant arrangements.




To secure you Permanent Place (pixel space) on this website or to put your advertisement, contact me at thepermanentplace@gmail.com.




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